WSVN Still Fighting with DirectTV, but Subscribers Will Get to See American Idol and NFL

If you're a DirectTV subscriber in South Florida you haven't been able to see Fox since last weekend. That's because Sunbeam Television Corp., the owners of Fox affiliate WSVN, are locked in a battle with DirectTV over the amount of money the satellite provider pays the station. That means you may have missed some of the NFL playoffs and last night's American Idol premier. 

While a settlement hasn't been reached, there's good news: you will be able to get the NFC Championship game and America's favorite fading singing competition through your satellite. 

"WSVN-TV is still negotiating with DirecTV, but we care about our viewers, and we want them to be able to watch this game, which will determine who goes to the Super Bowl," aid Robert Leider, WSVN's general manager, tells the AP.

So, yes, Miami fans, you will get to see the New York Giants take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. WSVN's DirectTV feed will then air repeats of the two-part American Idol premier before cutting to the local news. After that, though, its lights out once again until a deal is reached. 

Regardless, that is at least good news for sports bars that subscribe to DirectTV for game coverage. 

Sunbeam also owns two stations in Boston, one of which is the NBC affiliate. NBC is airing this year's Super Bowl, and that may or may not feature the Boston area's own Patriots (gross). So, some observers think that a deal should be reached before the Super Bowl broadcast. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder