Weekly News Wrap - Cancer Patients and Good Samaritans Get Screwed

Giuliani and Edwards Forfeit - The two finished in third place in Florida’s primary. Giuliani endorsed McCain. Edwards voiced his support for both Democratic candidates but didn’t endorse one or the other.

The Democratic Debate: Too Polite? – Was the debate between Clinton and Obama too soft? Did people really switch over to Lost?

Tainted Cancer Drugs Paralyze Patients – A drug production factory which belongs to the same Chinese distributor that distributes the abortion drug RU-486 to the U.S. released tainted cancer medication, which paralyzed the people it was supposed to treat. The FDA says that the factory which produces the abortion pill passed inspection.

Miami Police Chief Penalized for “Free” SUV – Police Chief Timoney was fined $500, plus administrative costs of $342, for not disclosing his use of a Lexus SUV which he had not paid for. He was also docked a week’s pay. He has lost over $5,000 in fines and lost pay.

Crist Unveils New Spending Package – The $70 billion spending package revealed by Gov. Crist is supposed to offset the state’s revenue losses. It uses newly acquired gambling dollars and state funds. The package also comes with $300 million in cuts, from which HMOs suffer the most.

Teacher of the Year is A Juvenile Detention Center Instructor – Jacquelle E. Scorniers, a teacher at the Juvenile Justice Center School, was named teacher of the year on Wednesday.

Broward Schools Prepare to Deal with Cuts – Broward voters approved the property tax measure, thus the school may not have enough funds to run air conditioners as often. The school will have to cut back on several more comforts and necessities to deal with the cuts.

Cyclists Court Death Daily in Miami – The streets of Miami are life threatening to cyclists but there seems to be hope as the streets become friendlier to those who pedal to get around.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – A man who stopped to help car accident victims had his car stolen by one of the people who were involved in the wreck. Chase Torgerson stopped to help at the scene of the accident when one of the men ran out and stole his car. Torgerson’s car was totaled 800 yards away.

Bambi Bump-Off – A rash of Key Deer killings leads to speculation as to why the deer are being killed in the first place.

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Tovin Lapan