Warning: Critical Mass Will Be Running Through Downtown Near Ultra Tonight

If you're anything like us you probably appreciate the message of Critical Mass but have some really dark fantasies when you're in your car and get stuck in the traffic caused by the monthly bike event. The best way to avoid that is checking the route first and staying as far away as possible from the roads they'll be biking on.

Tonight's route comes with a twist. It runs a few blocks west of where Ultra Music Festival will be taking place in downtown, which will assuredly make the area even more of a traffic nightmare tonight.

Like all Critical Mass events, the ride will start at Government Center. That's just four blocks from Bayfront Park where Ultra will be taking place. The traffic pattern of Biscayne Blvd will also be altered to reroute southbound traffic through NE 2nd Ave.

Thankfully the Critical Mass route will avoid a direct conflict with the rerouted traffic and will head south instead. However, that's still two major traffic-disrupting events going on in the same small area of town at the same time.

"ULTRA Music Festival is taking place this weekend so expect large crowds and increased (motor vehicle / pedestrian) traffic in the Downtown area," warns Miami Bike Scene. "Expect sparse parking and an influx of people using the Metrorail and Metromover."

The Critical Mass group meets at 6:30 and takes off at 7:15. So just pretty much stay out of downtown tonight if you don't have to be there.

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