Third World Indeed

Rep Tom Tancredo, a United States Rep. from Colorado, calls Miami what it is and everyone's upset.

''Look at what has happened to Miami,'' he said recently in Palm Beach, according to the Miami Herald's Lesley Clark. ''It has become a Third World country.''

The Herald's Ana Menendez and Gov. Jeb Bush have expressed outrage at this, but let's face it: We drive like Third Worlders. We got Third World quality political corruption.

Hell, if you look in the alley behind my Miami Shores house, you'll find Third World quality vermin.

The weather: Absolutely Third World.

Tall buildings downtown surrounded by veritable favellas. Check.

Se�or Tancredo, you are absolutely right. Anyone who would deny it hasn't lived here long.

Thing is, we revel in it, baby!

Chuck Strouse

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