The Miami Herald Tabloid's First "Chica Caliente" Bikini Model Is Here

The Miami Herald media company's controversial Spanish-language free weekly tabloid, Caliente, debuts tomorrow, but the publication's first "Chica Caliente" debuted online today. She's 21 years old, 36-24-36, and a Gemini. ¡Muy caliente!

Critics have claimed the Herald's new tabloid is pandering to Hispanics. The decision to print a weekly bikini model garnered particular criticism. Though, news tabloids of all languages include pictures of scantily clad women.

Most notably, British tabloid the Sun features topless models on its third page every day. But if this picture is any indication, the Chica Calientes will be a bit more modest than Britain's infamous tabloid glamor models.

Elsewhere, the site's newly updated website gives readers an idea of what to expect in the print edition. The main news story is about a 71-year-old who was murdered by a 17-year-old in a parking lot. Ironically, that's a story the Herald was criticized for completely ignoring. There are also stories about Viagra addiction, UFOs in Argentina, and a lingerie model accused of arson (like you might have read about on the Pulp).

There are also movie reviews, a column by notably glamorous TV and radio personality Javier Ceriani, coverage of telenovelas, sports, fashion, food, and an immigration advice column.

So what do you think -- pandering or the sort of light tabloid reading you'd find in similar publications written in other languages around the world?

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