The Herald's Epic Skewering of Miami Social

We sometimes poke fun at our colleagues at the Miami Herald for coming across as a bit stodgy and tight-assed. But we love it when their muzzles come off. Herald reviewer Glenn Garvin was saddled with the task of sitting through and writing about an episode of the new soul-sucking, locale-denigrating reality show Miami Social -- and came back with the most scathing damnation of a production we've ever seen in the paper. A taste:

I'm saying it's so bad it will make you regret being born with eyes. I'm saying it's so bad that if you saw a member of the cast burst into flame on the street, you wouldn't waste your spit putting him or her out. I'm saying Osama bin Laden, if he sees it, will weep bitter tears of frustration that he went after the wrong American city.

That is some righteous Miami anger right there. Read the full 700 words of fury here.

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