State Republicans Let Newspapers Live Because the Government Is Evil

The mainstream media and the federal government have comfortable slots on the top ten list of things Republican hate. It seems, for now at least, the Republicans in Tallahassee hate the government a little more.

Republican state Sen. Ronda Storms was supporting a bill that would no longer require local governments to take out public notices in newspapers, and instead print them online on their own website, according to The Fine Print. Despite the fact that, judging from the first paragraph of her Wikipedia entry (because she hates newspapers, we are researching her using only non-ad-supported, online media), Storms seems to be a reliable wingnut, this actually makes a bit of sense on practical levels. But it would take away a sizable chunk of what little income newspapers have left.

"All we're doing is propping up the media. I think that print media is going to go away," Storms said, according to Naked Politics.


Mike Bennett, chairman of the Community Affairs Committee, decided to

take away the knife Storms was brandishing near the throat of

newspapers. Mainly because the federal government is a giant conspiracy


"I look at the whole idea of non-printed media as terrifying. I

realize the federal government can shut down a satellite and we lose

all our unprinted media. Maybe you have more faith in government than I

do," Bennett said.


Republican calling out another Republican's government-hating cred is

pretty much the biggest dis you can make in the GOP. So instead, Bennett

will have his staff study the issue over the summer.

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