Because Stone Cold Said So.
Because Stone Cold Said So.
Screenshot via Vine

Southwest Miami High School Graduation Rocked by Stone-Cold Stunner

Given that Miami is home to Vine's reigning teen stunt queen Lele Pons, we imagine educators throughout the county shudder whenever they hear the phrase "Do it for the Vine!" What exactly is doing it for the Vine? Well, it's doing something incredibly stupid or outrageous while your friend records it in hopes you'll get viral glory on the six-second video-sharing site. 

Well, two students from Southwest Miami High School really went all out doing it for the Vine this past Monday during their graduation ceremony at the University of Miami's BankUnited Center, but it appears they might not get their diplomas because of it. 

For the uncultured out there who aren't familiar with the high art that was late-'90s professional wrestling, the two young men here are pulling off a flawlessly executed "Stone Cold Stunner." The Stunner is the signature move of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the greatest redneck ever to wrestle. It's a modification of the classic wrestling move the whipper-snapper, heightened by a swift kick to the abdomen. 

However, administrators at Southwest Miami High did not appreciate these grads doing it for the Vine or their display of pro-wrestling history. 

Local 10 caught up with Nicholas Dean, the student at the receiving end of the Stunner. He and his friend Joseph Castro had been planning the stunt for a couple of months. 

"They told us we should be embarrassed and ashamed," Dean said.

"The administration was 'very disappointed' that we had done that," Castro added.

In a very Mr. McMahon move, the school decided not to let Dean and Castro leave with their diplomas. Meetings with the students' parents are scheduled for next week. 

Both teens said the move was "totally worth it." 

No word on whether either teen regrets disrespecting Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson by pulling off the finishing move of one of his rivals on the campus of his alma mater, but we guess the People's Elbow isn't quite as Vine-able. For his part, Steve Austin himself ended up retweeting the Vine

In any event, you can compare the students' handiwork to the real thing.

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