Miami Vine Star Lele Pons Gets Slapped by Lincoln Road Living Statue (Video)

Miami teenager Lele Pons may be the 305's leading advocate of the "Do It for the Vine" attitude. The high-schooler has amassed 2.4 million followers on the six-second-video social media network thanks to her outrageous stunts.

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you walk up to the people who perform as living statues on Lincoln Road and start messing with them, well, Pons' Vine has the answer: They will slap the shit out of you.

This particular video appears to no longer be on Pons' account, but it's definitely her handiwork.

She's no stranger to randomly slapping (or being slapped by) apparent strangers in public. Which of course begs the question whether she truly does not give a fuck and will do anything for the Vine or if she's really good at persuading random people to hit her or let her hit them. Here's some of her other handiwork from around Miami.

Here's another video of her going wild in a CVS and chucking a pack of toilet paper at an apparently random lady.

Here she is throwing a pie at a cop.

Here she is hurling a pie at a bride taking wedding photos.

Here she is re-creating a toilet paper commercial in the middle of Target.

And here she is causing more havoc in the midtown Miami Target.

But apparently, she's making some bank off her notoriety. Ritz Crackers commissioned her to make a Vine for the brand's account. No one was slapped, however.

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