Rick Sanchez Made an Ass of Himself on CNN This Weekend

Our longstanding love-hate relationship with former WSVN turned CNN anchor Rick Sanchez continues, and as it does more often than not, it's veering more toward hate at the moment.

This weekend he got a chance to break out of his Twitter-addicted regular show on CNN, to host some of the network's coverage of the earthquake on Chile, and uh, it was pretty painful. In the clip above he apparently thinks Hawaii is located off the coast of Peru.

But it only got worse.

In this clip he asks a scientist, "Nine meters in English is what?"

We just ran the phrase through Google translator, and apparently "nine meters" in English roughly translates to "nine meters."

Then from Mediate, here is he explanation of tsunamis which seems to be aimed at children but actually left us more confused. Somehow, even in context, the "nine meters" gaffe comes off even worse. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder