Not the same person.EXPAND
Not the same person.
Scott Travis/Herb Gonzalez

People Keep Mistaking Sun Sentinel Reporter Scott Travis for Rapper Travis Scott

On Thursday afternoon, a surprising message popped up in Sun Sentinel reporter Scott Travis' Twitter inbox. "yo your fucking denver show was fucking raging i bought one of your fire shirts and someone stole that shit out my hand tryna send me some merch? gang" wrote someone with the handle @KSwizz93.

That was weird, because Travis — a longtime education reporter at the newspaper — had no show and no merch, and hadn't been anywhere near Denver recently. He was at the Sentinel's office in Deerfield Beach, reading over a report on school safety when KSwizz93 dropped him the line. "I think you're looking for Travis Scott," he wrote back. "I'm Scott Travis." A response came a minute later: "sorry bitch." Before he even got a chance to respond, maybe ask what "gang" meant, reporter Travis had been blocked.

It's a classic mixup. People on Twitter often confuse Scott Travis with Travis Scott. They ask Travis, a middle-aged man who has never listened to Scott's music and prefers "old school hip-hop," for merch and concert tickets.

In another exchange back in November, a teenage fan named Andrea messaged Scott to tell him that he performs "the most lit songs," that she'd been waiting to see him perform since middle school, and that she loved him.

"Another disappointed fan who suddenly realizes, despite the resemblance, I'm not rapper Travis Scott," Scott wrote back then.

The fan quickly realized her mistake. "Wrong msg," she wrote. "Not for you." She blocked him, too.

One time, Travis even got added to a group chat called RAGERSxBARDIGANG. The conversation was kind of hard to follow, but there were references to Walmart tags, dumb bitches, and a 27-year-old peeing his or her pants at a haunted house "LIKE SOME UNPOTTY TRAINED 3 YEAR OLD."

Travis, who recently made international news after a crisis PR person hired by the Broward County School District called him "nasty," "skanky," and "smelly" during a recorded conversation in front of other school communications people, tagged the rapper in a screenshot of the most recent DM. "I think this one was meant for you," he wrote. "If you get any of my messages, please send them my way. Cheers!"  

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