Reading, Writing, and ... Ohmygod!

A few million gallons of ink and half a forest of newsprint have been devoted to stories about the little pamphlet that recently circulated around Killian High School. No doubt about it, the story has been worth at least the amount of coverage it's getting. Nine high school students were arrested and spent a night in the slammer for publishing and distributing a zine titled First Amendment? Oh, the irony!

Fellow students have signed petitions protesting the arrests and the American Civil Liberties Union has dispatched attorneys to represent the little potty-mouths. This past Friday State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced that, while she did not condone the "outrageous and highly offensive" document, her office will not bring criminal charges against the students. (She also noted that "probable cause did exist for school authorities to believe a crime had occurred.")

After all this hullabaloo, the public has seen and read a ton about this infamous pamphlet but has had little direct exposure to the text and pictures themselves.

The reason is simple: Most publications in this town can quote but sparingly from such profane material, leaving it up to the reader's imagination as to what exactly those m - - - - - - - - - - - - b - - - - - - - have up their a - - - -.

No such compunction here. What follows are illustrations and unexpurgated written selections from First Amendment, including the rant containing the racist cracks and putative "death threats" that moved principal Timothy Dawson on February 23 to order school district police to arrest the authors. Much of the pamphlet's text was handwritten. In transcribing it, we have not corrected spelling, punctuation, or grammar.

"You know Killian's cool when ..."

*When the cop lights your cigarette.
*When the teachers do their job, & we actually learn something.
*When they spend our $ on our education, not wall paint.
*When the fire drills actually mean something & the school blows up.
*When we can "park & talk".
*When we can advocate trees, not concrete.

*When you get ticketed for being within 999 ft. from an educational facility.

*When room 420 is used appropriately.
*When school starts at 8am & ends at noon.
*When Chucky passes out free pizza.
*When Dawson goes back to MAZE

they say we have nothing to/offer/We are Generation X/We are full of lies, guns, violence/drugs & uninhibited sex/Lost souls are we/claiming to know it all/So close to the cliff edge/We walk/It always seems we'll fall/Wild hair, crazy clothes, music/ misunderstood/So far from everything that/is considered good/It is, the the beginning of a/new era/Where old & new divide/ But too crazy wild &/reckless are we to have/our own ideals preside/if you look down deep/& discover our heart & soul/you will find something/other than the stereotyped/character role./you'll look back & see the/fun you had yourselves/Memories now in picture/form lined up on office/ shelves/So don't judge me on the/turn of a dime/For there is so much more/behind these eyes if you/give it a little time.

We're in pain, but nobody cares/We want to escape, but do we dare/Our souls are forfeit, we want to live/We've no possessions,/Nothing to give/We want justice, but we/Have no case/We're considered nothing,/But societies waste/We have no rights,/No actions taken/No life to live,/We are forsaken./

...simple babble.../...bonding breaks, we are set free.../...we are victims, all victims./victims of this strange world,/this twisted vision.../shadowed from society/left in the realms of darkness/suspended in society/from lines of hate we hang/they hold the reins of future/detach me from your world

"the oh so many ways my dirty mind has sanctioned me"
i'm the first to admit that my mind is just wallowing in the contaminated filth of the gutters, not so far from the floating feces where the dirty rats crowd around. heck, the second person to attest to this would be my best friend, whose stories i always misconstrue into something sexual. maybe I'm a damn Freudian at heart minus all that pseudo-intellectual bullshit nonsense. i admire filth for its basic value: the ability to amuse. and that's exactly what it does. those random dirty thoughts that filter and billow through my head just amuse the hell out of me as my bored ass is just sitting in class all day. all is fair game. from that tall geeky red-haired jerk who looks like one of the nerds in REVENGE OF THE NERDS, straight out of that Lambda Lambda Lambda bullshit, to that dumb airhead chick on "Dunceline" -- yeah, just pick and chose randomly and form your own little perverted ditty of a joke. nothing beats a bestiality joke or story though. as i sit in class snickering and smiling like a donkey's ass, hell all I'm really thinking about is that dude next to me and the amusing picture of him butt-fucking Farmer Jim's donkey somewhere in mid-Kentucky. for the most part it tears my attention from all that brainwashing biased nonsense teachers spew in class. sometimes teachers can actually say something worth listening to but, that's only about .003% of the time. so for the most part, I just put on the illusion that I'm actually listening but, my mind couldn't be further than the ponderings of John Holmes or the concept of an S&M farm. Hell, it's even better when you get teachers involved. sounds sick, heh? of course. a picture of a teacher banging someone or something, perhaps a turkey, always serves demystify that fascist arrogant air most tend to surround themselves with. the air of "I'm a professional authority figure bullshit", is quickly obliterated with a fast scan of a porn image. see that image once, and that humbles them like no Buddhist philosophy can ever do in a lifetime. it's like watching TV in your own head except the electricity running the damn box is your own creativity. the dirtier your mind, the better the TV. if it wasn't for this "little dirty TV" up in my head, I'd probably have died from some sectioned form of cabin fever from dwelling in this institution of a high school. this creaky TV of mine certainly makes school more interesting as I see people in different lights and positions. ha! for the most part, my mind, wait, my dirty mind has sanctioned me from ever being suffocated by the boring and monotonous atmosphere of high school. i couldn't be more grateful. amen.

"One Student's Complaint!"
Have you ever walked down the hall, the overcrowded odor-filled hallways, and wondered what crime would you commit if you took your cafeteria assigned spork and shoved it into the eye of the person in front of you who is walking as if they had an African disease that makes them walk as if they had the legs of a 3-toad sloth? I often have wondered what would happen if I shot Dawson in the head and other teachers who have pissed me off or shoot the fucking bastard who thought I looked at him wrong or the airheaded chearleader who is more concerned about what added layer of Revlon she's puttig on instead of the fact that she's blocking my path Or, I would shoot (twice) the fucking freshmen who think they're cool cuz they're in high school. And what about the goddamn sports players who think they're bad because they have a school jacket or what about the immigrants who can't talk a fucking word of English, and speak with "Oye, Mein." But I wouldn't be through without talking about the pig-nosed, bacon-eating, pizza delivering, "I'm better than you because I have a walkie-talkie," crack-smoking, illiterate, non-English speaking bastard children of SATAN!

Yes, I am talking about the security guards Oh, I cannot finish this without writing the bitches with sticks up their asses we call cops. These fucking toy-cops aren't so powerful without their badges or guns. FUCK THEM! Fuck the authority. Motherfucking bastards believe they have the power when most of them (not all) go home and suck on their's transvestite wife's dicks.

And for some reason, we have bitch-ass motherfuckers running the administration, we seem now to remember how better it was when we had a cokehead running shit. At least we knew where our money was going.

Facing the light/turning away/left in your sight/nothing to say/left in the here/& in the now/can't see my tear/If my head does bow/but no/i won't let you see/I'll never show/what you've done to me/so i'll focus my eyes/as my teeth do grit/I'll walk on by/though I feel split.

If I am a cloud of feeling, then I will strike you down; with the strongest bolt of lightning, & my rain will make you drown; & if my words are thunder, I hope they make you deaf; for I will take you under, till theres no feeling left.

A Chinaman was describing to his fellow students the difference between Heaven and Hell. He said that Hell was a big dinning table loaded with delicious foods. The people at Hell's feast had to eat with giant chopsticks, but they could not figure out how to eat with such enormous utensils and thus created chaos and disorder. Heaven is a big dinning table, with the same foods and the exact same chopsticks, only the people invited to eat at Heaven's feast picked up the chopsticks and fed each other, thus creating peace and harmony.

"... greed is the root of all [illegible] ..."

In the back of cop cars, under the portables, in the bathroom stalls, empty classrooms, or the $50,000 S&M dungeon AKA the principal's office, actions take place. Actions we'd rather not know about. These are the gang-bangs taking place among us. Among who? Who else? The leaders in fucking. Screwed in every orifices, no wonder we've had the same experience. Wait a minute, who are the ones being fucked?

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