Polls: Charlie Crist Would Win Senate Race 2-to-1

Floridians can only juggle the names of 4 or 5 state politicians in their heads at a time, and right now the only Democrat in the mix, Bill Nelson, is already in the Senate. So it's not surprising that a new Strategic Vision poll shows Charlie Crist winning pretty much every match-up with any given Republican by a 2-to-1 margin.

The best the Democrats can muster is Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Charlie only beats her by 28 points (57% to 29%). Dan Gelber, the state Senator from Miami Beach, does relatively respectably, only losing to Charlie by 31 points. Meanwhile both Representatives Kendrick Meek and Ron Klein lose to Charlie by 34 points. (Gelber is doing better than Meek? Interesting.)

Here's the sad part for the Democrats though. Ron Klein leads the

primary poll, but only managed to get the support of 12% of

respondents, with most undecided. Meaning no one knows who any of these

guys are.

On the Republican Primary side, Charlie Crist takes it with 54%

(though, even their second place gets better number than the Dem's

first). Without Crist, Rep. Connie Mack IV wins, but likely because

people are confusing him with a father (It's a mistake we've made in

Florida before). As for Marco Rubio? He only gets 5%.

Dems shouldn't give up all hope. If the Republicans run anyone beside Gov. Crist, the poll shows a competitive race.

[via The Hill]

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