Obama Just Wants To Dance With Somebody (Somebody That Loves Him)

How did Barack Obama wind down from his 30,000+ person rally in downtown Monday? The same way everyone in this town caps off their night - Dancing!

Obama appeared on Ellen live from Bicentennial Park to defend himself against the dirty, untrue, fear-driven robocalls that have been going around claiming that he can't dance. Obama's moves? Well, they're still a little Rick Astley. He also said his daughters are going as a Corpse Bride and an Evil Fairy for Halloween (how long until some 527 claims one is undermining the institution of marriage and the other is a metaphor for the homosexual agenda?).

Speaking of dancing, there's also a video under the cut of Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin in a dance off. Warning: The way they've superimposed their heads on the dancers is so realistic, it's kind of creepy (and not just because one of those heads is McCain's).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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