News Roundup


  • The city of Miami's Historic Preservation Board decided to delay its vote on the Bacardi buildings until early next month. [Herald]
  • The car industry is swirling down the toilet at the moment, but a "Miami car dealer is upbeat." [NYTimes]
  • A 47 year-old man was indicted on child porn charges. [Herald]
  • Members of the congressional black caucus just casually went down to Cuba and had a bit of a chit-chat with Raul and Fidel. [Herald]
  • Defede on the proposed new Cuba policy: "The notion of creating different classes of American citizens - those

    who are allowed to travel to Cuba and those who aren't - is just

    absurd. In fact, it's downright un-American." [CBS4]


  • Canes baseball picked off FAU 9-8. [PBPost]
  • The Heat are looking like such crap heading into the playoffs. They lost to the Hornets 93-87. [AP]
  • Udonis Haslem is out for the season. [SunSent]


  • OMG! Rosie O'Donnell's kayak was stolen. Wait, Rosie kayaks? [NBCMiami]

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