Michelle Obama Continues Her Harsh Criticism of Barack's Dance Moves in Miami

Last time Michelle Obama was in Miami, she made her husband dance for the world as she mocked him.

Well, not directly, but she had gone on Ellen earlier in the month to make fun of Barack's dance moves, and then in a live link with Ellen from his Miami rally, Mr. Obama continued his campaign of awkward dancing

I mean, the guy can dance better than me, but it's not like he's going to win a Nobel Dance Prize (... or will he?). 

Tuesday night at the Fiesta Latina event in D.C., the president broke into an impromptu salsa session with Mexican singer Thalia. 

Today, while welcoming Michelle Obama to a luncheon at the Freedom Tower, Miami Dade College President Eduardo Padron complimented the first couple's moves: "I was truly amazed how well President Obama and Mrs. Obama can dance salsa. They do it so well they could win any salsa contest here in Miami.''

"I think you exaggerate by saying we could win any salsa contest," the first lady replied later. "I might be able to, but I don't know about..." 

That "..." totally means our president. Why do you hate America so much, Michelle Obama?

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