Miami's Most Famous Crackhead Nuptials End in Divorce

Miami's reputation as a quickie wedding hot spot is nowhere near that of Las Vegas, and don't expect it to take off, because the weird, sad marriage of Amy Winehouse to her hubby Blake is officially ending. The two married at a courthouse while vacationing here in May 2007, and we wished them well: "Here's hoping that your marriage turns out to be as charmed as your career has been so far."

So much for that. Unlike the comments we made regarding that elementary school pot ring, we won't make any strained attempts at sarcasm to blame it on Miami. The drugs, prison terms, alcohol, paparazzi, infidelity, media backstabbing, and overall instability are probably at fault here. It's just a shame this didn't blossom into a love story for the ages. The tourism boards could have used it to attract famous crackheads the world over to plan their nuptials in the Magic City. Then again, crackheads don't really make good decisions, do they? There's hope for a local Natasha Lyonne wedding yet!

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