Miami Women Aren't Particularly Picky, Claims Dating Site

Are Miami women willing to go out on a date with just about anyone? Real-life experience would point to


, but dating site AYI.com's data analysis claims Miami is in the top five cities for least picky women.

Oh, really?

According to the site, it analyzed "453,000 interactions of single women between the ages of 18 and 99 and to discover locations where singles were the least likely to respond to online dating messages."

Brooklyn was the pickiest city, while Jersey City was the least picky. Miami came in second on the least-picky scale, joined by Saint Louis, Las Vegas, and Portland in the top five.

We have a few theories as to why women in Miami might be more willing to respond to messages than people in other cities. (Note: This data doesn't indicate how often these interactions lead to actual dates.)

  • Have you actually tried dating traditionally in this town? It's a horror show, so maybe Miamians are a little more likely not to dismiss someone who sends them a message right off the bat by ignoring it.
  • The site also claims that including the question "Where are you from originally?" in your first message elicits the highest response rate of any questions asked in online dating. Of course, whenever you meet anyone in Miami, the first question out of their mouths after "What's your name?" is likely to be "Where you from, ma?"
  • Or maybe Miami men as a group are just so charming and dreamy that women can't help but respond to their online advances. OK, actually, probably not.

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