Miami Is the Least Educated City in America, According to Men's Health

According to Men's Health, the Miamians are dumber than the average person who actually reads Men's Health. The magazine took time out of doing crunches and crunched some numbers on the education levels of citizens in the 100 biggest cities in America. Miami came in dead last.

"To evaluate the erudition [editor's note: Here's the definition of erudition, because apparently many of you might not know] of 100 cities, we tabulated the Department of Education's high-school graduation rates, along with U.S. Census figures on school enrollment (kindergarten through grad school) and education levels of people over 25 (less than high school, associate's or bachelor's degree, graduate or professional degree)," writes the mag. "We also tapped SimplyMap to find out how many households have student loans or take adult-education courses."

The listicle doesn't elaborate on the statistics for individual cities, but Miami receives a big, fat F and ranks 100 out of 100.

Cleveland came in 99th (perhaps a little too intellectual for LeBron?), and Las Vegas was 98th. (Of course, all those casinos don't really provide high-paying jobs for highly educated people, so that shouldn't be a surprise.)

Florida cities didn't fare well overall. Tampa ranked highest among Sunshine State cities, at 51.

Madison, Wisconsin, took the top spot.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.