Five Reasons Miami Is Better Than Orlando for the State Capital

Miami versus Orlando? Easy call.
Miami versus Orlando? Easy call. Tom Schaefer Miamitorn, The Community Pop Culture Geek via Wikimedia Commons
Miami versus Orlando? Easy call.
Tom Schaefer Miamitorn, The Community Pop Culture Geek via Wikimedia Commons
The Orlando Sentinel is reporting this morning that a Boca Raton legislator, State Sen. Kevin Rader, has filed a bill to study moving the Florida capital from Tallahassee to Orlando.

The two-page measure — and these babies are never two pages — suggests things like ease of travel and economic impact might make Orlando a better choice for state leaders.

Let's ignore that a guy from Boca — the state's second most plastic place — is suggesting this. Nor shall we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Tallahassee, a place near and dear to our hearts because of its canopied roads and delightful mix of Southern and Northern cultures.

Let's just quickly review why Miami is a far better place than Orlando.

1. Miami is on the beach. Florida is known for its beaches. Orlando is in the middle of nowhere.

2. Miami is a cosmopolitan city with ties to urban meccas around the world. Sure, Orlando draws a lot of tourists, but they mostly come from the Midwest, spill ice cream on their shirts as they scream at their kids running around the theme parks, then return home.

3. Miami already has a lot of leaders. As New Times and others have pointed out in the past, Latin dictators love the Magic City. They have a lot of leadership experience that could be extremely helpful in running Florida, yet we aren't taking advantage of them. Orlando, hell, Walt Disney wasn't even from there.

4. Famous people from Miami are more interesting. Consider these lists of well-known people from the two metropolises (metropoli?). Miami has Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Sidney Poitier, and Eva Mendes, to name just a few. Orlando has Wesley Snipes, Warren Sapp, and John Anderson, the guy who wrote "I've Got a Feeling."

5. Miami, along with Broward and Palm Beach, is the state's biggest population area. And besides, many parts of Orlando voted for Trump.   
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