Mega TV's Daisy Ballmajó's Nude Pictures Leak Online and She Is Not Happy About It

One of Miami-based Mega TV's most popular shows is Paparazzi TV Sensacional, and its MO is pretty much what the title implies: sensational paparazzi fodder! You know, reporting on the private lives of celebrities, jumping on scandals, and having a heyday when nude celebrity pictures or sex tapes are leaked. 

So what happens when one of their own anchors, Daisy Ballmajó, has her nudie pix leaked on the Internet? She gets downright indignant about it and sics her lawyer on anyone who dares to publish them. 

Guanabee, something of a Gawker-style blog for the Hispanic crowd, got a hold of the pictures and published them [NSFW]. 

Ballmajó's lawyer sent a sternly worded letter to Guanabee (and we're assuming other blogs that published them), asking it to take the pictures down because they were stolen. Guanabee replied with: "Oh, hell no," and then supplied some clips of Ballmajó talking about and publicizing the stolen sex pix of other celebrities. 

Of course, Paparazzi TV Sensacional's other talent is no stranger to scandal. Ballmajó's co-host, Fernando del Rincón, used to work at Univision. That is, until he got fired after his ex-wife and former co-anchor publicly accused him of abuse and adultery. Univision higherups originally fired the wife for the scandal but then realized they probably should have fired him instead.

[via Gawker]

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Kyle Munzenrieder