Broward Rapper Kodak Black Is Having an Extremely Bad 2019 So Far

Kodak Black
Kodak Black Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Rap star and accused rapist Kodak Black sure is having a hell of a month. The Broward-born Black seems to be on a quest to alienate as many of his fans as humanly possible. In addition to the brutal sex-assault allegations that have hung over his career for years, Black recently hopped on Instagram Live and said he wanted to date Lauren London, the grieving girlfriend of slain Los Angeles rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle. Black was universally condemned across the music industry. He was already in hot water for his homophobic comments about LGBTQ female rapper Young M.A in March.

This past week, Black made the news again — this time, he'd been arrested on drug and gun charges at the Canadian border while on tour. So to keep things straight, here's a timeline of Black's seemingly unending series of missteps in 2019:

1. He said some pretty homophobic and sexist stuff about Young M.A, a lesbian rapper:
Kodak Black should know better than to sexually harass a woman. Yet he is — and his target isn't just any woman. It's openly gay fellow rapper Young M.A.

Black's persistent comments about Young M.A, sandwiched in song lyrics and Instagram Live sessions over the past month, describe in detail how he wants to “penetrate” Young M.A despite admitting he knows her sexual orientation.

“I be pullin’ out straps on these fuck n***as/I go Young M.A on these dumb bitches/Like a dyke, man, you n***as can’t fuck with me,” the 21-year-old raps in his song “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy," adding: “I’m f***in’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie.”

His lewd lyrics also target other female rappers rumored to be gay, including Dej Loaf and Missy Elliott.

For fans of Kodak, the lyrics might not be shocking. The Pompano Beach native has never shied away from spitting disrespectful bars aimed at other rappers.

But in the context of his legal situation — he's facing charges for the alleged rape of a woman in 2016 — the song shows a flagrant disregard for the concept of consent. Logic would imply that a self-described gay woman such as M.A wouldn’t be interested in sex with a man.

By her own assertion, she’s not into it.

“Obviously, the n***a is weird,” she said during an Instagram Live session this week, according to Jezebel. “I know I’m a female... But at the end of the day, n***a, that’s not my preference.”

Black's response was less than understanding. In his own Instagram Live session appearing to address her, he said, “How are you a girl but don’t want your pussy penetrated? How? Don’t be mad at me, 'cause I want you, baby. Don’t be mad at me.”

Those comments alone are disrespectful. But coming from a public figure who's embroiled in a sexual assault case, they're alarming.

2. He also compared himself to Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. and said they are legends only because they were murdered. Via XXL:
Just one day after saying he's on the same level as Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas, Kodak Black doubles down.

During a Thursday (March 21) Instagram Live session, Lil Kodak actually claimed that he was better than Tupac Shakur all together, saying the rapper, and others that died at a young age, are only legends because they died.

"People try to say I can't put myself in a category with Tupac and them, actually I'm better than them. You know why? 'Cause I live what I rap about. Them...[they] just legends 'cause they died. I really live what I rap about."

As we previously reported, Kodak originally said he deserved to be in the category with rap legends like 'Pac and Biggie this past Wednesday (March 20).

3. Then he said he wanted to have sex with slain rapper Nipsey Hussle's longtime girlfriend:
Kodak Black is not known for holding his tongue — and his recent statements about slain rapper Nipsey Hussle’s longtime girlfriend, actress Lauren London, are just the most recent efforts in his apparent crusade to become hip-hop’s most antagonistic outlaw.

Hussle was gunned down outside his clothing store in Los Angeles last month. London, Hussle's partner since 2013 and the mother of his child, responded to the news of his death by saying she was “completely lost” after losing her “best friend, sanctuary, and protector.”

As tributes poured in honoring Hussle’s legacy of musical excellence (he was nominated for a Best Rap Album Grammy this year) and community activism (he headed several initiatives to improve safety and educational opportunities for kids in Los Angeles), Kodak Black showed a decidedly different reaction.

In an Instagram Live session last week, the Pompano Beach rapper said he would “be the best man” he could be to London.

"I'll give her a whole year [to mourn]," Kodak said. "She might need a whole year to be crying and shit for him."

His comments sparked instant blowback from fans and fellow artists alike, who called his advances toward her “ignorant.”

In response, DJ Justin Credible, a host on L.A.'s popular Power 106, said the radio station would no longer play Kodak’s music.

"We stand with the family of Nipsey Hussle and are appalled by the disrespectful and poor comments made by Kodak Black," Credible tweeted. "With that, Power 106 will not support Kodak Black's music. #LongLiveNip."

4. In response, he was publicly insulted by T.I. and removed from the rap star's Trap Museum in Atlanta:
The most vocal artist criticizing Kodak for his comments is T.I., who played London’s love interest in the 2006 movie ATL.

"Kodak Black, you outta pocket," T.I. began. "Fix that shit, quickly, expeditiously, n***a. You outta pocket, n***a. If ain't nobody else gonna say it, I'ma say it. If I see you, I'ma say it in your face."

T.I. also went as far as to remove Kodak's contributions to his Trap Museum in Atlanta, which honors the subgenre native to the city.

Kodak’s response to T.I.’s retribution was, expectedly, far from polite.

"Fu*k that pu**y ass museum, bitch. I ain't give y'all permission to put me up there anyway, bitch," he said.

He also insinuated that T.I. was coming to London’s defense only because he wanted her for himself.

"Dude just wants first dibs on her," Kodak continued. "Eat a baby d*ck."

Kodak, in his own way, issued a partial apology to London for his comments. "If I disrespected you Lauren London in any shape or form, I am sorry," he began. "Even though I didn't.”

5. Then he got himself arrested at the Canadian border in what might be the least upsetting thing he's done this year. Via Reuters:
Rapper Kodak Black was released from custody by the New York State Police on Thursday after being arrested on drug and gun charges while coming across the Canada-U.S. border near Niagara Falls, police said.

Black, 21, was stopped on Wednesday evening by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge headed back into the United States from Canada, the New York State Police said in a release.

Black’s real name is Bill Kapri, and he is a resident of Miramar, Florida.

Black, who was driving a Cadillac Escalade, and three other Florida men following in a Porsche were arrested on drug and weapons charges. Black was charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a Glock 9mm pistol, and unlawful possession of marijuana, police said.

The other three men face similar charges from weapons and drugs found in the Porsche.

A representative for Black was not immediately available to talk to Reuters on Thursday evening.

Black was released on Thursday afternoon from the Niagara County Jail on $20,000 bail, multiple media accounts have reported, including CNN.

Video footage from local media outlets showed Black leaving the jail holding a fan-like spread of cash over his face.
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