Jeff Ireland Should Get Fired After Dolphins Collapse Against the Jets

Welp. That about wraps 'er up.

On Sunday, the Dolphins completed one of the most disappointing, weirdest, deflating and confounding seasons in Dolphins history (no small achievement, all things considered) by once again coming out largely flat and lifeless against a division rival. The Dolphins fell to the Jets 20-6 and finished with an 8-8 record, good for 3rd in the AFC East during a season where the Dolphins spent $200 million in free agency, moved up in the draft to acquire DE Dion Jordan and publicly proclaimed that it was "our time."

The Dolphins started the game with some desire, scoring an early touchdown on a Tannehill-to-Wallace connection in the red zone as the Jets all-out blitzed the young QB. Tannehill showed great timing and recognition on the touchdown play but then proceeded to take all that good chi and flush it down the toilet along with any hopes for the playoffs. After that TD, Tannehill only completed 11 more passes the rest of the day and even threw in his patented misfires to Wallace on a play where the wide receiver was once again completely open for a touchdown.

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The Tannehill-Wallace connection has been worse than one your dad made with two cans and a string. It never got going and it seems like it never will. To make things worse, the Dolphins lost Brian Hartline early in the game and had to settle for names like Rishard Matthews and Marlon Moore when there were about 58 fairly decent WR prospects in this past April's draft that the Dolphins simply couldn't care less about having on their talent-stacked team.

Not only were the Dolphins overmatched on the field on a talent level but Rex Ryan -- coaching for his job -- managed to out-coach, out-think and out-gameplan Dolphins head coach Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. The Geno Smith-led Jets -- a QB whom 3 weeks ago was about as efficient an NFL QB as the Icelandic pre-historic snowman, Otzi -- beat the living shit out of the Dolphins by gaining 154 yards on the ground, being stingy on defense and smartly gobbling up tons of time in the 2nd half whenever they had the ball. Though the game was 14-7 and within hand for much of the contest until the Jets added two 4th quarter field goals, the Dolphins simply had no desire or will to win the game and treated the opportunity to reach the playoffs for only the second time since 2001 as if it was dipped in shit and covered in some face-melting super AIDS virus.

Now the fun stuff starts.

After the game, owner Steve Ross said he was 'disappointed' and "we're going to look at everything", suggesting there will be a total and complete top-down evaluation of the Dolphins front office, coaching and player personnel.

Will Ross make the moves that are clearly necessary at the front office level and FINALLY MERCIFULLY PLEASE jettison Jeff Ireland and end his embarrassing, fruitless and infuriating tenure? Does Ross have the cojones to do what should have been done back in 2010?

Will Philbin also be held accountable for, not only his boring, dunce-like demeanor and below average record as a head coach, but also for his inability to get his team ready to play on the final two Sundays when the playoffs were there for the team to take? Will this epic and embarrassing collapse that better teams and better men would have seized and capitalized on force Ross' hand to seek people that WILL get this team ready to play on Sundays when everything is on the line? Will Ross leave a ton of free agency money and substantial draft picks AGAIN in the hands of the men that have consistently disappointed Ross himself as well as an estranged fanbase by only accruing ONE more fucking win than we had last season before all the 'picks and money'??

Of all those, the most pressing issue is this: considering the laundry list of failures -- from trading up to get the No. 3 overall pick for Dion Jordan (a guy somehow could not get on the field despite his high draft position), to multiple draft picks that could not even be activated on game day, to the disappointing results of free agent players like Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Reshad Jones, and Phillip Wheeler, the Incognito-Martin debacle, letting free agents and team leaders like Jake Long and Reggie Bush go despite having all the 'picks and money' as Ireland proudly proclaimed at the end of LAST season -- will Ross once again defiantly laugh in the face of the facts and all Dolfans by continuing to employ Jeff Ireland as GM?

If it's ever TRULY going to be 'our time', the time is NOW for change. Do what smart teams do: stop with the half fucking measures and CLEAN HOUSE. Get a GM to come in, put the organization on track and have that person hire a head coach that has a similar vision for what the identity of this team should be. Enough is enough.

Of course, none of this will likely happen and we can look forward to another maddening, 7-9 season of Miami Dolphins football in 2014 and beyond until they wheel away our decrepit, dry skeleton from chair we're sitting in as we await relevant Miami Dolphins football to miraculously become a reality again.

In the meantime ... Go Heat? We'll leave this here to try and brighten your day:

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