In Between Leaking "Dirty" Pics of Anthony Weiner, Says Riptide Has a "Sick Mind"

Right wing media trickster Andrew Brietbart's is stringing out the release of supposedly scandalous photos today of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Imagine our surprise when we deigned to check in on their big Weiner pic party today to find a post attacking Riptide sandwiched between pictures of Weiner with some cats and what may be Weiner's waxed nipples.

While we're strangely honored that the site decided to put us in their crosshairs on this momentous Weiner-gate day, we're also sort of confused as to how a site posting the personal pictures of a congressman all day has much room to attack anyone on journalistic standards. is one of several sites owned by Breitbart, the guy who brought us such fine non-stories as the ACORN hooker story and that out of context Shirley Sherrod video, which exists almost solely to criticize the "mainstream media" for being communist pinkos or something.

Contributor Kevin L. Martin decided to criticize some post we wrote about Matt Drudge a week ago (way to be timely, guys), in which we questioned Drudge's decision to link together a bunch of stories involving Memorial Day Weekend crime solely committed by African American youth, and deemed it "kinda racist."

"Last week, Miami New Times Blogger Kyle Munzenrieder accused Matt Drudge of trying to stroke racial flames for reporting the facts in the news," writes Martin.

Well, Martin, Drudge didn't really report shit. He linked to a bunch of stories with out-of-context quotes and snippets.

"To accuse an editor of racism for reporting the facts in the news is the sign of a sick mind," he continues.

Uh, yeah, we think selectively pulling quotes to give the impression the Black youth are out-of-control all over the nation is, as we said, "kinda racist." Lock us up in the loony bin and give us "sick mind" pills, we guess.

Martin also refers to the unrelated events that happened in various places as a singular story. Which they aren't. They have nothing to do with each other. Completely separate incidents. Linking them together in the first place is what we were objecting too.

Martin also deems us a member of the "mainstream media." We're not sure whether or not we should be honored or horrified. We're pretty sure, though, that mainstream media organizations don't let their writers use phrases like "kinda racist" in copy in the first place.

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