Herald Finds Carol Rosenberg Not Guilty

After keeping relatively tight lipped about the matter, The Miami Herald has unveiled the results of its internal investigation into claims by a Navy Commander Jeff Gordon that he was "sexually harassed" by the paper's GitMo correspondent Carol Rosenberg. In short, Rosenberg will continue her duties. 

Gordon complained that Rosenberg made a number of disparaging and offensive remarks, including "Have you ever had a red-hot poker shoved up your a**? ...Admit it, you liked it." 

The Herald's investigation, lead by vice president of human resources Elissa Vanaver, finds that Rosenberg was only guilty of "unnecessary profanity," and a bit of unprofessionalism. 

We really wish the Herald had made clearer that none of the unnecessary profanity included derogatory or homophobic remarks, and the story by Jack Dolan makes it really hard for us to just assume that. 

That being said, people far more knowledgeable on Rosenberg's integrity and talents as a reporter (including our own Tim Elfrink), have said time and time again that removing Rosenberg from Guantanamo would be a true loss for journalism.

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