Florida Women Attempt to Shoplift Bikinis and Beef Jerky As Part of "Bucket List"

If shoplifting is on your list of things to do before you die, why not at least aim a little higher than Walmart bikinis? At least target the swimsuit section at Saks or something. Go big or go home.

Andrea Mobley, 36, and Jennifer Denise Morrow, 38, now find themselves behind bars after attempting to cross such a crime off of their "bucket lists."

The two say they have been friends for thirty years, but had only recently reconnected after 15 years apart. They decided to make up for lost time, and ended up trying on binkinis in an Ocala, Florida Walmart fitting room. During that time was Morrow was also chowing down on some beef jerky, as is customary for Walmart swimsuit shopping.

According to The Ocala Star-Register, Mobley put her regular clothes on over the swimsuit, while Morrow attempted to conceal hers in her purse. The two walked out of the garden department without paying, bikinis and beef jerky in tow.

A loss prevention officer suspected the pair of shoplifting and called police.

An officer confronted the pair, and both admitted to the thefts, explaining that it was on their bucket list. They also explained that they had wanted to go swimming but didn't have swimsuits. So they impulsively decided to scratch the theft of their list.

Both were arrested on charges of petit theft.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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