Florida Man Arrested for Pretending to Be Cop to Get Into Strip Club for Free

If a man is pretending to be a cop in a strip club it's usually because he's scheduled to perform on a stage à la Magic Mike. But when Darren Philip Walker showed up at a Florida strip club with fake cop gear it wasn't because he was there for amateur night. He just wanted to get into the club for free. Unfortunately for him real cops intervened.

According to Florida Today, 24-year-old Walker went up to the front door of Melbourne stripper hut Bare Assets (...subtle name there) on Thursday and presented the doorman with an Accomack County Sheriff's Office badge. He claimed to be an undercover federal agent who was there to arrest a woman named "Mason."

But neither the club's staff or real officers were buying it.

When confronted, Walker admitted that while he had worked with the Accomack County Sheriff's Office he hadn't worked with law enforcement since 2011. The badge he had wasn't even his old one. He had purchased it off the internet. Real cops searched his car and found a hat with the words "Deputy Sheriff" on it, a baton, handcuffs, a blue strobe light and an orange traffic vest.

He was promptly arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer.

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