FIU Will Have The Highest Tuition of Any Florida Public School

It's not the best public university in Florida. But soon it will be the most expensive. The State University System's Board of Governors announced today that it's approved a tuition raise of 15 percent for Florida International University, and full time students will pay $4,669 a year starting next semester. FIU is one of four schools that had their requests of a 15 percent tuition hike (the max allowed under state law) approved. In a rare move we can actually agree with, Gov. Rick Scott strongly disapproves. 

Along with FIU, the BOG also approved 15 percent hikes for FAU, UCF, and New College. FSU's tuition, meanwhile, will go up 13 percent, while UF's will rise 9 percent. UF's is actually the lowest tuition increase this year of all Florida public universities, though tuition there was raised 15 percent in the five previous years. 

"Tuition has risen 71 percent over the past four years and graduates are facing unprecedented levels of debt. We can't continue on this path," Scott said in a statement.

"It is my priority to keep the cost of living low for Floridians and have an education system that produces the most competitive, highly skilled work force in the world. And I expect our universities and the Board of Governors to seek those same goals."

Meanwhile, tuition at the University of Florida will cost students $4,425 a year. That's the fifth-highest tuition in the state. 

Keep in mind that public university tuition is pretty low compared to other states. Average in-state tuition in the state is the fifth lowest when compared to other states. Public universities, with approval of the BOG, are allowed to raise tuition 15 percent a year every year until prices reach the national average. 

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