Art Basel Week Reaches Peak B.S.: Usher Charged His Phone in a Woman's Vagina UPDATED

Update: We spoke to the artist, Lena Marquise, about her sudden fame and the meaning behind the performance, "Body As Commodity."

If there's any doubt that more redeemable parts of Art Basel Miami Beach week have been overshadowed by random VIPs and juvenile art-world stunting, we present to you the fact that last night Usher plugged his iPhone into a woman's vagina.

This is obviously what we'd call a NSFW post.

Usher, who just so happens to be playing the AAA next week, is in town early because he's an art collector. Collecting art, of course, is a natural side effect of having more money than one knows what to do with.

So yesterday he was at the opening of Select Fair and happened upon the exhibition of New York City's Vector Gallery.

"VECTOR Gallery is The AntiChrist. The AntiChrist is Jesus Christ," proclaims the gallery's Tumblr:

The Official Art Gallery of SATAN.

A new conceptual art destination on the Lower East Side, VECTOR Gallery is the most interesting phenomenon in New York. Indeed, VECTOR is the forerunner of Posthuman Art (a term coined by The Devil Himself). It is a sentient space with a palpable energy that has to be experienced firsthand.

On November 8th of 2017 (Independence Night) VECTOR Gallery seceded from the United States, making it the newest (and smallest) independent country in the world.

Granted, none of this seems to makes much sense, but the gallery does warn us that it "has to be experienced firsthand." So, uh, let's give it the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, as part of the exhibit, a naked woman was allowing iPhones to be "charged" in her vagina, and Usher decided he was down.

And maybe we could use this information to ponder the themes of vaginas being the source of life and our lives now revolving around smartphones.

Or women's bodies being degraded to objects.

Or perhaps, in this particular moment, the idea of male musicians using the bodies of women to empower their own careers or something.

There's probably some sort of meaning behind all of this.

But mostly people will just say, "Usher charged his phone in a vajayjay. LOL!"

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Kyle Munzenrieder