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XXXTentacion, Accused Abuser of Women, to Hold "Anti-Rape" Event During Art Basel

XXXTentacion performing at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach.
XXXTentacion performing at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach. Photo by Amadeus McCaskill
Lauderhill rapper and accused domestic abuser XXXTentacion has announced he'll hold an "anti-rape" gathering during Miami Art Week.

"Basically rape victims can come to this event and tell their stories and help others, and support others who have been through a similar instance," the 19-year-old rapper, born Jahseh Onfroy, announced on Instagram.

Details are nil at the moment, but more information will arrive Tuesday, according to a representative of the artist who spoke to Complex.

What makes this announcement quite strange is the rapper's status as an alleged sexual offender. He is awaiting trial on four charges, including aggravated battery of a pregnant woman and witness tampering. X pleaded not guilty this past January 25 and called the charges "fabricated." In September 2017, Pitchfork acquired 142 pages of testimony from his alleged victim, in which she claimed he beat, threatened, strangled, and tortured using her various household implements.

It's difficult to understand Onfroy's motivation for hosting an anti-rape event. But in light of the charges against him, the idea seems absurd and hypocritical. It's like Santa running a synagogue or Charles Manson holding a Black Lives Matter rally. This is, notably, the first time X has directly attempted to engage with the kind of crimes he's committed, outside of denying them.

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Is he trying to downplay the charges by acting as if he's a woke ally? Is he hosting this event because he feels remorseful? Maybe he's just attempting to convince a judge or jury he's really a good guy.

Whatever the case, actual victims will probably wanna sit this one out.
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