Why Didn't Comedy Central Pick Up Kayne West's Alligator Boots Puppet Show?

Well before Odd Future's Loiter Squad was picked up by Adult Swim, Kanye West tried tackling the sketch comedy beast on Comedy Central. However, his series never took off.

In 2008, West partnered with longtime friend and fellow Chicagoan, Rhymefest, to develop Alligator Boots, a 30-minute puppet show peppered with bits of The Muppet Show, Chapelle's Show, and Crank Yankers. It was slammed by critics before it saw the light of day and Comedy Central never picked it up.

But yesterday afternoon, a ten-minute behind-the-scenes look at Alligator Boots leaked, and it's clear Comedy Central made a mistake.

Filmed at the Jim Henson Company studios in Los Angeles, the pilot episode featured Kim Kardashain -- dressed as Princess Leia -- being serenaded by a Barry White-like puppet named "Beary White" who musically professes his desire to sleep with the her.

"Let me lay you down on my silky sheets, and then come in close behind you/Then I'll show you my desire, and put my penis inside your vagina."

Evidently, sex was a popular theme on Alligator Boots. There was doggie-style puppet sex, full-frontal puppet nudity, and oddly enough, a BDSM scene where Ye's tied up and gagged by a puppet dominatrix.

Alligator Boots also tackled racial equality, and went as far as creating a Martin Luther King puppet for the "Not so Hot Moments in Black History" segment.

"Last night I had another dream," MLK puppet says, "and all the little black children and all the little white children all became giant black and white slugs who try to take over the Earth."

Bizarre? Yeah, totally. It's a shame Comedy Central passed on Alligator Boots.

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