Virgo Releases Her First-Ever Music Video, "Disappear"

Elizabeth Ann Clark, AKA Virgo, has taken care from the start to craft herself visually as well as sonically, first through the self-portraits that presented her as an extraterrestrial siren and later through her Water Planet video game. Virgo is as much something to look at as she is to listen to.

Now, after a string of singles and a new four-track EP, Virgo has finally delivered something so conventional in the music industry, it almost seems unconventional coming from her: a music video.

It's no surprise Virgo has decided to highlight the strongest and most pop-oriented track off the Water Planet EP, "Disappear." It pulsates and churns icy beats with Virgo's vocals providing some warmth, if also a little nihilism: "Fading into the deep/fading into the blue/to disappear."

Virgo tapped visual artist Eleanor Petry to direct the video after meeting her on another video shoot a while back.

"As an admirer of her work, she was always in mind for directing a music video," Virgo says. "I wanted a feminine eye to capture the first light on the Atlantic Ocean."

"Disappear" is certainly in keeping with Virgo's MO of ocean, water, and otherworldliness. Virgo's platinum hair and white fabric ripple as she twirls underwater, her monochromatic look standing in contrast to the turquoise waters. Later, she stands on the beach as the sun just starts to creep over the horizon. Virgo says the video's minimalism is purposeful, so as not to district too much from the song.

"In a way, [the music video is] a right of passage for musicians, but at the same time, I’m more drawn to explore new formats to experience music, beyond the music video."

What new formats is Virgo exploring? Well, she is working on making the Water Planet video game available for VR technology.

"VR really is the future. So far, I’m focused on optimizing the Water Planet game for VR. And in the future, who knows? VR is limitless."

For now, Virgo is remaining tightlipped on when we can expect any sort of new project. But there's no doubt she's hard at work creating something innovative and otherworldly. In the meantime, just enjoy the tranquil beauty of "Disappear."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.