Viking Funeral Curates Tombs, a Musical Exhibition at General Practice This Saturday

​Local artist Carlos Rigau wanted to show us a house around the corner from his art space and residence General Practice.

What's so interesting about this place down the street? It's situated next to an empty lot, under a sexy billboard and the freeway. Unlike General Practice, which is protected by an impenetrable electric gate, this house is guarded only by a statue of the Virgin Mary, a Buddha, and a chain link fence. There's music playing all the time from the front porch from a tied up speaker for nobody in particular. What makes this house similar to General Practice isn't the location, but that it's also a weird, non-traditional transient spot where shit just happens.

Crossfade talked to Rigau about Tombs, a musical exhibition curated by Viking Funeral, that will be invading General Practice this Saturday.

Crossfade: Explain General Practice. 

Rigau: General Practice is a space in Miami, Florida, and hopefully other places as well, where we will be doing exhibitions of sorts, whether they're art or non-art related. For the most part, usually unconventional shows. So, as opposed to like let's have a theme show about the color red, it will be more based around let's have a solution to how the color red can be exhibited. 

OK, so it's about...

Solutions in spaces. 

Solutions. How would you explain that to somebody who is dumb?

You ever walk into a space where there's art and you feel like it doesn't look like it's in the right place. Or nothing looks right about it. Or, like, the idea doesn't fit the space. This is to find the right ideas within spaces, still in an unconventional way, so not putting paintings on a wall. 

But you're doing a music show. Explain how it fits into this concept. 

I'm not doing the music show. I just give up the space and general parameters for what the idea is. Viking Funeral is organizing this exhibition. They picked five bands, one of which I [also] picked. It is currently an empty house. There's no furniture inside. So each band will play in a different room, back to back. They have their own gears and what they want to say. But as far as I'm concerned, they're presenting bands in an art context.

The bands are going to be in different rooms. So you're utilizing this space to its fullest potential by doing this?

Basically, what's going to happen is some band plays here in this room. Immediately, when that set's done, the next band plays in the next room. And then the next band. So it's sort of like a carousel. 

What kind of music? 

Viking Funeral has stuck with bands from Miami that are a little more on the rock-ish, noise side. 

Are you going to do other music events in the space? 

Maybe. I think other things will happen like that. Also, we're going to have a keg of beer. 

What do you think is important about having music in an art context?

I don't know. 

Do you think it's important?

I don't know. 

Are you going to find out?

I don't know. (laughs)

Answer my question!

We're going to figure it out. It's an experiment. We're just trying something. We'll see if it works, if it doesn't work. Success or failure isn't really a part of the equation here. [It's] more, like, just doing things. 

So it's the performance and the way that it's set up is more sort of the exhibition as opposed to the music itself. 

Possibly. And also each room is going to be lit slightly different. Viking Funeral is going to figure out this kind of arrangement for each band, and the context they should be in. So, like originally, I wanted Snakehole [to have] a pillow fight in my bedroom. But Viking Funeral was like, "No, Carlos. Because then everyone else has to do stuff like that." 

Anything else?

We're going to try and do projects like at least once a month, and they'll all kind of work within that idea where we have non-traditional practices. The reason it's called General Practice is because I'm an artist and I want this to be part of the general practice. Another thing is other artists use this space when there's not exhibitions. Viking Funeral rehearses here. Domingo (Castillo) has a space here. There might be other people using this space, too, in the future. It's almost like The Giving Tree, like the book. 

Tombs with Snakehole, Viking Funeral, Skunk Ape, Ballscarf, and Slashpine. Saturday, April 23. General Practice, 3930 NW 2 Ave., Miami. The show starts at 11 p.m. Visit generalpractice90210.blogspot.com.

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