Video 50 Cent Gets His Chained Snatched in Angola

I won't give much credit to the guy holding the video camera.

As a head's up, whoever captured this footage is moving around so much that you might get a headache.

But hang in there

If you're into the spectacle of 50 touring Africa...then watch the whole thing.

It's really Africa...Angola to be exact. It's really 50 Cent. And the crowd really is eating it all up. Go 50.

For the sweet spot: At 1:39 a guy with balls of steel jumps on stage and snatches 50's chain from around his neck. Go Fan. He takes off running (for his life), and a stunned 50 Cent, with a rep to maintain, goes after him like a real G. It's mayhem from then on...but when an American rapper shows up in Africa with (most likely) conflict diamonds around his neck and wrist...this is exactly what should happen.

--Frank Talk

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