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Trina Makes the Cover of New Times' Miami People Issue 2011

For the last decade, Trina has been a reigning member of the 305's rap royal family.

No doubt, she is the Magic City's Diamond Princess. And nobody rocks those blinged-out "Red Bottoms" like her. She's raw, real, and regal. She's badder than all them other bitches.

But Ms. Trina is also the nicest girl on the block. She's started the Diamond Doll Foundation, a mentoring program for teen girls. She's stayed forever loyal to her friends. And she's even humored crazy marriage proposals from not-so-secret admirers like Crossfade.

But as we write in this week's Miami People Issue, whether she's playing Da Baddest Bitch or the Diamond Princess, it's always been a totally natural expression of the true Trina.

"I was just growing," she tells New Times. "Whether it was love, unhappy moments, fun, partying, hanging out with friends, traveling outside the country, all of my experiences were a part of my albums. Every time I did a record, I took it all into the studio."

Trina is currently getting set to drop her sixth studio album. Check out New Times' exclusive profile and photos of Trina in the Miami People Issue 2011.

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