The Boombox Brings a Revamped Roller Rave to Super Wheels

The Boombox founders Ricardo "Mango" Cano (left), Miguel Cala, and Laszlo Kristaly
The Boombox founders Ricardo "Mango" Cano (left), Miguel Cala, and Laszlo Kristaly Photo by Daniel Lugo/@daniellugo767
The Boombox will spin retro 1980s nostalgia with a modern twist for its upcoming roller skate rave on September 24.

Ricardo "Mango" Cano, the underground nightclub's cofounder, says Super Speed Roller Rave is an event Miami has missed out on since 2016, when a retired queer party and DJ group, Internet Friends, hosted its own roller skate rave.

"It's super dope that they originated it and made it popular, so it all feels very poetic coming full circle," Cano says. "We're paying homage to the things that came before us while also giving it a newer feel."

Internet Friends' cofounder Ultrathem (who also goes by Gami) is one of five Miami-based DJs on the lineup. Others include Winter Wrong, Exzakt, Uprokk, and Miami Bass'd Mob, led by the Boombox's very own Cano and Laszlo Kristaly.

The bill also features Australian techno powerhouse Jensen Interceptor.

"Jensen is an OG name in the electro scene, but our main mission is to uplift the locals and artists who have been with us since day one," he emphasizes.

The 18-and-over rave, thrown at Miami's iconic Super Wheels Skating Center, will bust out techno-electro beats for an all-night affair. Roller skates are included with each ticket, but you can upgrade to inline skates upon arrival or bring your own.

As long as you're a Miamian, Cano encourages even amateur skaters, like himself, to show out.

"I dress like I want people to know that I watched Mid90s and I liked it. Like I can ollie but rollerblading is way out of my wheelhouse," Cano admits jokingly. "Sure, I can't rollerblade, but I can DJ, so that's what I'm excited to do, especially for our day-ones."

Super Speed Roller Rave. With Ultrathem, Winter Wrong, Exzakt, Uprokk, Miami Bass'd Mob, and Jensen Interceptor. 11 p.m. Saturday, September 24, at Super Wheels Skating Center, 12265 SW 112th St., Miami. Tickets cost $25 via
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