Scott Storch Wanted in Florida for More Than $28,000 in Unpaid Child Support

Scott Storch has been making hot beats for over a decade. His skills once made him a wanted man by hip-hop and R&B acts.

But now his dead-beat ways have got him wanted by the cops. And that's not exactly the kind of hot drop you want as a big-time producer.

Turns out, bro won't pay child support. And Florida courts ain't having none of that.

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According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the famed producer behind hits like Erykah Badu's "You Got Me" and Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" has failed to pay $28,300 in baby-daddy fees. To top it off, he missed his court date. So now there's a warrant in this state out for his arrest.

Storch can avoid jail time if he makes it rain all those daddy dollars before the cops catch him. But when has a hip-hopper ever used the get-out-of-jail-free card?

That's not the only money trouble that this guy's got. He also skipped out on a $4,000 bill at a Beverly Hills Hotel.

Is Scotty totally broke? Sounds like it's time to get off the coke. Head back to the studio. And grind out hits till the bills get paid.

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