Scott Storch / Dr. Dre Comeback Single Delayed by Eminem; Check Out Its Alleged YouTube Leak

Miami New Times' recent cover story on Scott Storch may not have been the most flattering of portrayals, but it did reveal at few nuggets for those interested in the former superproducer's attempted musical comeback. When Storch refused to speak with New Times staff reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts, he was actually in Los Angeles, working again with Dr. Dre, with whom he famously wrote "Still D.R.E." back in 1999.

The new album in the works is tentatively titled, appropriately, Detox, and Storch recently told DJ Skee in a video interview that he and Dre have got just three tracks to go to finish it. (Check out all the skeptical comments on the video, though, which express a general feeling that this album is setting up to be the Chinese Democracy of hip-hop.)

Nevertheless, its planned lead single, "Under Pressure," features Jay-Z and would be all ready to go -- if it weren't for Eminem's own encroaching comeback. This past Monday, both Dre and Interscope Records honcho Jimmy Iovine appeared for an interview on France's all-hip-hop national radio station, Skyrock.

A bit surreally, the questions were broadcast in French, and Dre's and Iovine's answers came in English (followed by a quick summary en francais) but what was clear is that, since Eminem is also on Interscope, his new single, "Not Afraid," gets first release.

In fact, Iovine hinted that there is a possibility "Under Pressure" may not be the lead single after all -- but it still could be! "We will have a single out this summer," he told the radio announcers. "Dre's made another song that's real good, but it looks like it's going to be the one with Jay-Z."

Both guests assured listeners though, that Detox will see the light of day by the end of 2010. "It will be out this year at some point," said Dre.

Click here to listen to the full interview, or just a highlight reel, over on the blog WaterblockNYC. In the meantime, listen to this alleged leak of "Under Pressure," which hit YouTube back in March. Thoughts?

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