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Sandbar Coconut Grove Becomes Hot Rock Korean BBQ Joint, Thanks to Bar Rescue

Goodbye penny beers?

Over the weekend, Sandbar Sports Grill, a beloved college kid and locals hangout in Coconut Grove that's famous for its one-cent Miller Lites, was invaded by Spike TV's Bar Rescue.

Hosted by bar-and-club expert Jon Taffer, the reality show specializes in "giving failing nightlife establishments one last chance at success."

Another of Taffer's talents... Pissing off the regulars who don't want their favorite boozing joint to become some smarmy marketing gimmick.

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RIP Sandbar...

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Now known as Hot Rock Bar & Grille, the former Florida flotsam-and-jetsam spot has been turned into what regulars are describing as a scrubbed-up "Korean BBQ" joint.

There are cute little tables. Some streetside gardening. A new paint job.

And yep... This Bar Rescue rehabilitation concept for Sandbar is seriously bumming out the UM students and locals who've been drinking penny beers and eating five-pound burritos for years and years and years.

Regulars are decrying their hangout's makeover as "a terrible day for all Grovers." And they are predicting "the Grove will never be the same!"

But in response to Crossfade's calls and emails, Sandbar's Albert Borrero says: "I wouldn't consider it Korean style BBQ. Menu has changed, but mostly by addition. Your Sandbar favorites will still be there."

And he notes: "We haven't done penny beer in months."

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