Rick Ross Tattoos "Rich Forever" on His Face

Every boss has a favorite saying.

But only the Bawse Rick Ross is so serious about the power of words that he gets a fave phrase tattooed on his face.

Indeed ... Over the holiday weekend, the man and mogul born William Leonard Roberts II commissioned California-based ink-and-needle artist Nikko Hurtado to write "'Rich Forever," as the rapper explains, "under my lip."

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Those two words mean a lot to the Bawse.

In addition to being an aspirational personal motto, they also serve as the title of his hit 2012 mixtape and its title track, as well as his Instagram handle, @RichForever.

But like Rozay always says: That shit and "100 mil ain't enough." A true hustler also needs a reminder that'll show up in the mirror every morning.

Of course, this new face tattoo isn't Ross' first face tattoo. In fact, the man's famous, bearded mug bears several other tats, including:

-A tiny piece in the shape of the Sunshine State, smack dab between the eyes

-Three fancy French crosses on his right cheekbone

-The logo of popular sunglasses maker Cazal on his left cheekbone

-A pyramid at the corner of the left eye

-The letter "W" on the left temple

His next ink-and-needle facial ... Well, we'd predict some eyes on his eyes. (Because you can never sleep in these streets.) Or maybe even a lil' Bawse face on the big Bawse's face.

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