Miami Bars and Nightclubs Open After Irma
Photo by George Martinez

Miami Bars and Nightclubs Open After Irma

This weekend, the effects of Hurricane Irma stormed into South Florida, threatening coastal areas with a storm surge that blew refrigerators clear out into the road in the Keys and turned Brickell streets into Venetian canals. Also within the storm's targets: the array of nightclubs that have made Miami famous. However, the Magic City's nightclub scene is slowly coming back to life, with venues cleaning up melted ice and debris to get Miami moving again.

Don't see your venue listed here? Please contact jose.duran@miaminewtimes.com with your venue's post-Irma status.

1306. Reopens Friday, September 15. 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-377-2277; 1306miami.com.

Ball & Chain. Reopens Tuesday, September 12. 1513 SW Eighth St., Miami; 305-643-7820; ballandchainmiami.com.

Basement. The Bowl area of Basement will open on Friday, September 15, at 5 p.m.; the club area remains closed. 2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-257-4548; basementmiami.com.

The Corner. Reopened. 1035 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-961-7887; thecornermiami.com.

Do Not Sit on the Furniture. Reopens Friday, September 15. 423 16th St., Miami Beach; 510-551-5067.

Gramps. Reopens Tuesday, September 12. 176 NW 24th St., Miami; 305-699-2669; gramps.com.

E11even. Reopens Tuesday, September 12. 29 NE 11th St., Miami; 305-829-2911; 11miami.com.

Electric Pickle. Reopens Friday, September 15. 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-456-5613; electricpicklemiami.com.

Floyd. Reopens Tuesday, September 12. 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 786-618-9447; floydmiami.com.

Heart. Reopens Friday, September. 50 NE 11th St., Miami Beach; 305-912-3099; heartnightclub.com.

Jezebel. Reopens Thursday, September 14. 1625 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach; 305-275-6324.

Las Rosas. Reopens Wednesday, September 13. 2898 NW Seventh Ave., Miami; 786-780-2700.

Purdy Lounge. Reopens Tuesday, September 12. 1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach; 305-531-4622; purdylounge.com.

Rockwell. Reopens Friday, September 15. 743 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-793-3882; rockwellmiami.com.

Space. Reopens Saturday, September 16. 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 786-357-6456; clubspace.com.

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