Louis Salgar Murder: Suspects Pursued, Stolen Car Found in Palm Beach

Yesterday, Louis Salgar, a Miami punk musician and bartender, was shot and killed at his home in Miami. And his car was stolen.

Hours ago, Palm Beach Police found a gray Honda Accord in the bushes near the Breakers Hotel after receiving an early-morning call from a security guard about the suspicious vehicle.

The PBP office tells Crossfade that a search was conducted along the Island of Palm Beach's Cocoanut Row for two men in connection with a Miami murder. But police have not yet confirmed that the suspects or the Honda are tied to the Salgar case.

However, several of Louis' friends say, "It appears to be his car."

UPDATE A suspect has finally been named in the murder of Louis Salgar.

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The suspects are armed and dangerous, according to PBP. One is injured and bleeding.

At approximately 5 a.m., they crashed the car off Cocoanut Row and abandoned the vehicle. Shortly after the accident and before police arrived, the two men are believed to have fled The Breakers' neighborhood.

However, police are still in pursuit, searching for the suspects with the help of Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and K-9 units.

The manhunt has now focused on the north end of the island. And it will continue till dark.

"We have not confirmed that a car was stolen from the Miami victim's home or who owned the car found in Palm Beach," the Miami Police Department's Sergeant Freddy Cruz tells Crossfade.

"But the search for those individuals is ongoing. That's where we are right now."

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