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Louis Salgar Murder: Suspect Identified in Fatal Shooting of Miami Musician and Bartender

Seventeen days ago, Louis Salgar was murdered.

The well-known Miami punk musician and Gramps/Broken Shaker bartender had been shot in his own home and left to die. His car was stolen. And the murderer fled.

The next day, Palm Beach Police located Salgar's gray Honda Accord, abandoned on the edge of the Breakers Hotel property in West Palm Beach. A search for suspects continued till dark. But no one was apprehended.

Today, though, the Miami Police Department has identified the man who may be responsible: Raul Reinosa.

UPDATE A memorial benefit will be held at Churchill's Pub for Louis Salgar to benefit his family.

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According to MPD, the 51-year-old (also known as Raul Reinosa or Reinoso Martinez) randomly selected Salgar's home at 8551 NE Eighth Court to rob it because he needed food and wanted drugs.

During the burglary, Salgar returned to the residence and discovered Reinosa in a closet. There was a struggle, police say, before the musician and bartender was shot by the suspect with a gun that was already in the house. Some time later, one of Salgar's two roommates found his body and called the authorities.

The following morning, after discovering the stolen Honda in West Palm, Miami detectives had the vehicle analyzed by forensics, which led to witnesses who confirmed that Reinosa was in possession of a laptop and other things taken from Salgar's home.

But as the Miami Herald reports, it wasn't until this week that Reinosa was finally located. The murder suspect was arrested by police in St. Augustine, Florida, and charged with probation violations when he was found wandering along I-95 with a bayonet.

According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Reinosa had been previously convicted of robbery with a weapon in Duval County in 1996. He served three years and four months before his release in 2000.

Still being held near St. Augustine in St. Johns County, Reinosa will be extradited to Miami, where he will face second-degree murder charges.

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