LeBron James' Mom Marrying 31-Year-Old Miami Rapper Named Lambo

Do you hear that ding-a-ling, Heat Nation?

It's wedding bells chiming for LeBron James' mom, Gloria, and her 31-year-old rapping boytoy, Lambo!

A few months ago, we here at Crossfade admitted, "Love is a powerful thang," while noting that the King's mama happened to be dating a dude about the same age as her baby boy, 'Bron 'Bron.

And well, it turns out that the feels are real. 'Cause Gloria and Lambo are reportedly getting married.

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Over the last half of 2013, the soon-to-be Mrs. and Mr. Gloria James have posed for many lovey-dovey Instagram photos posted to @DaRealLambo's account.

But recently, "WIFEY" has been spotted wearing a rock on her left ring finger.

The couple apparently made the engagement official around Christmas. And while some might say it's scandalous for a 45-year-old woman to be hooking up with a 31-year-old dude. We say, "Bullshiiiiiit." (For some perspective, the age difference is virtually the same between Gabrielle Union, 41, and Dwyane Wade, 31.)

So yes, in the past, LeBron's mom has perhaps embarrassed her son by maybe, possibly, probably not sleeping with Delonte West. Or by getting drunk and slapping the shit out of a valet at the Fontainebleau.

But judging from his frequent cameos in @DaRealLambo's Insta pics, it seems that King James is just fine with Mama James and his new stepdaddy setting a date.

After all, it's not like she ended up pregnant with D-Wade's "Me-and-Gabby-were-totally-on-a-break" baby.

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