Lady Gaga Stinks Like FAME, Stages "Sensual" Perfume Pre-Sale at Macy's Dadeland

Lady Gaga smells. And we like it.

Mother Monster is just two days away from the worldwide release of Lady Gaga Fame, the pop queen's first foray into the retail industry's celebrity-endorsed fragrance market.

But if you can't stand to wait another 48 hours to spray Gaga's eau de parfum all over your most intimate body parts, Macy's Dadeland is already pushing the fragrance in their cosmetics department.

And it'll only cost between $55 and $79 to smell like your favorite famous pop star.

Concocted by Gaga's Haus Laboratories in Paris in association with beauty giant Coty, the perfume has generated more buzz than Martha Stewart's vibrator.

Folks from all around the globe are commenting on Haus Lab's Facebook page, demanding "Fame in Serbia" and admitting their extreme olfactory excitement.

"OMG! I so can't wait to hold it in my hands!" writes Gaga superfan Simone Sprangers.

Steff McGovern preordered Fame, and "can't wait to get it in the mail!"

But what's all the fuss about?

Perhaps it's the "accord of opulence," with its "dripping honey, saffron, and apricot nectar" fused together with "Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac" to create a "dark, sensual, and light" scent.

Or maybe it's just that Americans will buy virtually anything to avoid smelling unfamous.

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