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Kat Stacks Makes Rap Debut With "Bitch Who," Disses Worldstar Hip Hop's Q

We here at Crossfade recently sat down for a chat with famed rap-groupie-turned-author Kat Stacks and learned that the woman born as Andrea has been taking control of her life and spreading her wings. She's branching out and storming the world with her full, unbridled self.

Of course, the next logical step in a former rap groupie's career is to start rapping.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you, the rap debut of Kat Stacks, "Bitch Who."

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Ms. Stacks has always been good for the disses. Her "exposés" of rappers including Soulja Boy, Lil Twist, and the Young Money crew made her and Worldstar Hip Hop a lot of money.

She was all ride or die for her World Star fam, led by the mastermind known as Q. But recent "disloyalties," i.e. being replaced, have forced Stacks to turn her hatred on the hand that fed, and this bitch can bite.

Stacks climbed into the studio and reworked a beat and rhyme-scheme made famous (but is it rly famous guys?) by her old trick Soulja Boy and his buddy Shawty Boy, turning their "Boy Who" into the Q-dissing track "Bitch Who."

Oooh damn, Q, she just called you a bitch. And girl is getting rare on this track. She's calling out her former boss for cheating on his wife, for supporting her plastic surgery habit without getting a fuck, and for generally being what real bosses might call a "fuck boy." Check out the Instagram pic of the lyrics.

It just goes to show you, Andrea Herrera may be more in control than Kat Stacks, but she's still mean enough to draw blood.

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