Kat Stacks Free! Supergroupie Won't Be Deported, Released After Two Years

Kat Stacks says: "Freedom baby."

That's right ... The supergroupie and former Tootsie's Cabaret stripper (who scored 2010/11's Best 15 Minutes of Fame by claiming to have humped the entire Young Money crew, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, and basically every other rapper who ever rolled through Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties) ain't gonna be deported.

Yesterday, as reported by NBC 6, Ms. Stacks (born Andrea Herrera) was ordered by Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. to be released from the Louisiana immigration detention center where she's been on lockdown for over 24 months.

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UPDATE Kat Stacks supports the Dream Act! So the supergroupie's tweet-chatting with DreamActivist.org and some undocumented youth.

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At just 8 years old, Stacks came to the U.S., settling with her mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, in Aventura.

Later, as a teen, she became "a underage sex trafficked victim." She picked up a serious plastic surgery habit. She started stripping at Tootsie's. She allegedly hooked up with the entire fucking hip-hop world. She even got busted for carrying a concealed firearm in Broward County.

But after getting pinched in Nashville on November 5, 2010, by the Davidson County Sheriff's Office for being in the country illegally, Kat got cuffed, charged with a felony, and tossed into the immigration facility where she's spent the last two years.

In 2011, Judge Beatmann decided to toss Stacks outta the country and send her straight back to Venezuela. Because, he said, this hip-hop ho wasn't contributing shit to American society.

However, when Kat's mother, the rest of her fam, and lawyer Mayra Jolie came to her defense, filing an appeal that claimed she had been a victim of sex trafficking, only adopting the Stacks persona to survive, Beatmann's deportation order was halted.

And while the appeals board insisted the "Kat Stacks persona is disturbing and in no way a positive contribution to society," it also sided with the supergroupie, reversing Beatmann's earlier decision with a 2-to-1 vote.

"Other compelling factors," the board explained, "particularly her long history of abuse, outweigh the negative factors."

Or as Kat just tweeted: "Im a underage sex trafficked victim dont forget ... Im not some hungry media monster."

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