Jersey Shore Producers Invite Assholes on New EDM Competition Reality TV Show

When your scene decides to find its "next superstar" on a reality television show produced by the same people behind Jersey Shore, then your scene probably needs a life raft, 'cause it's drowning. is a website where all "producer-DJs" are invited to "start honing your skills" and apply for a casting call on the upcoming, first-ever, definitely-not-necessary electronic dance music reality competition show.

It's gonna blow harder than Pauly D's hair.

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First of all, do something crazy and click on that link at least once. Some obnoxious formulaic house beat starts banging. We see some shadowy figure that apparently could be you. Some douche guy starts talking like a constipated robot, and he formally invites you to scroll down and apply.

There, you can tell the good people over at Doron Ofir Casting -- the same good people behind good shows like A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila and Jersey Shore -- all about what makes you the right kind of asshole to star in their new project.

Get ready to "describe your musical style," "describe your performance style visually," identify yourself as a "technical expert" or "creative performer," and generally sell your soul for 15 minutes of whatever it is Snooki got.

We're going to start drinking now.

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