Jack White's Third Man Records Releases Jacuzzi Boys Live Album

Here at the New Times, we root hard for our local teams; especially when they win big on the road. Ever since our Big Three got together, we knew Miami would conquer the nation - we ain't talking about James, Wade and Bosh, we're talking about the Jacuzzi Boys.

When we met up with the Jacuzzi Boys in September, bassist Danny Gonzalez mentioned that in October they would be going to up Nashville and bringing some Miami heat to Jack White's Third Man Records. He hinted that if all worked out, Third Man would record and release the show on vinyl. Not one to brag, or jinx things, Gonzalez requested we keep that off the record.

But, now the day has come - Jacuzzi Boys Live At Third Man is finally out on wax. Our boys are in the same catalog as the White Stripes, Conan O'Brien and Wanda Jackson.

When we asked about the record, drummer Diego Monasterios had just discovered its release. "We haven't heard it yet... but Jack White's the man, he knows what he's doing!"

According to Gonzalez, the show itself was "kind of a blur. I think we were all a bit more nervous than we wanted to admit, so we kinda drank more than we maybe should have. I think the record will have some examples of that... Haha! It was definitely a blast though, hangin' there the entire weekend!"

It's not an official follow up to their amazing debut full-length No Seasons, but Gonzalez promises, "We did play a new song though that'll hopefully be on the next record. It was the first or second time ever playing it out... Naturally, we fucked it up."

Sounds like a real live rock and roll record to us, we can't wait to hear it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.