In Clubland

It's that season when everyone's thoughts turn to music, specifically what's going to happen at the Winter Music Conference later this month. Mawla Music has turned thought into action by staging what is perhaps the first pre-WMC event, Thunderground at Amnesia (136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) on Friday. Miami's Trip Theory will be the ace act working the main stage, dealing out cuts from its discs Trip on X, and Something for Your Mind, as well as some fresh material. Also performing are Stepmode, Insight, Tony Gundin, and Daniella. The jungle/drum and bass arena features Debbie D, Trixie, B.T./PD One, Randolph, Gone 2 Far, Blue, plus Profyle; while Mike and Charlie, Rick West, Jason Dunne, Pitchshita, Mello D, Sage Molotov, and Tumm deliver the breakbeats and trance. The party begins at 10:00 p.m.; age 18 and over welcome (21 to drink) and cover charge is $20. The info line is 305-466-2918.

Under the "Whatever Happened To?" category, remember former Stray Cat Lee Rocker? He's alive and performing Friday at Alligator Alley (2079 N. University Dr., Sunrise; 305-742-6874). Riding in the wake of the head hep cat Brian Setzer, Rocker teamed up with his former stray drummer Slim Jim Phantom and recorded a couple of discs of primarily vintage rockabilly covers as the Swing Cats. Now going solo and keeping with his feline rockabilly image, the stand-up bassist and his band perform tunes from his self-titled album at 10:00 p.m. Call for cover charge information.

If you don't feel like coping with e-heads all tripped up on electronica, and if the hard-drinking rockabilly crowd gives you the heebie-geebies, then fall back on a more velvety clubland at Bar Room (320 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-532-9154). On Friday you and twenty friends can win a private screening with the cast of the Next Best Thing, staring Madonna and Rupert Everett. Doors open at 11:00 p.m.; call for cover charge information.

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Larry Boytano